When we want refresh our space, we are often left with big unwanted, no long loved objects. Of course I am talking about your old furniture, from a couch with your derriere fossil in the shape, to a coffee table with a coffee stain. Often we throw such items in the trash making way to your new home.

Throwing such items away can have damaging effect to the environment. Even the premium trusted branded furniture made with solid wood can be detrimental, with the harmful chemicals used to treat the wood. These chemicals and other materials don’t break down naturally and will therefore sit in landfills for years.

What Can You Do ?

Recycling Centre

Taking your furniture to your local recycling centre. When your furniture is made of materials like untreated wood, plastic, metal, foam, or fabric, you’re ensuring that your furniture gets turned into something new. Helping keeping it away from the landfill and also reducing the sourcing of new material.

Donate to British Heart Foundation and Other Charities

If your items are in good conditions and in working order, why not donate the items to your locate charity. Companies like the British Heart Foundation offer to collect your unwanted items, and resell them to a happy home; proceeds going to a worthy cause.



Turn your table hidden away in garage somewhere, into something fantastic Lots of fantastic upsell youtubers come up with genius ideas to update your old bits. Upsell and recycled furniture is a trend which is coming more popular and exclusive style in itself.